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Why Babboberlin?

We are an artisanal baby bakery and eatery located at the Guldsmeden’s hotel Berlin. Our belief is that when you are small everything needs to matter. Babboberlin is a concept following the dream of bringing people who believe that quality should be accessible to everybody, together. Each one of you deserve the taste of the best bread and foods we can produce. How important is for each one of us to experience the memories and travels taste, smell and touch can bring? We promised you and ourselves to work hand in hand with farmers, fishermen and other craftsmen sharing the same dreams and beliefs. We want to thrive with active and grounded producers, who adopt and put to work the understanding of how necessary organic and local agriculture is. Fairness and equity is our biggest motivation. Both for the people, and the environment, who we see as One. We look forward to seeing you at Babbo Oslo and welcoming you to the family.

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